Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Self Feeding"

Riley loves snack time!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun in the Bath before Bed

Riley had alot of fun playing the the bath last night. The pictures of her squinting is when Chris was spraying her with one of her toys.

Pretty in Pink

Riley dressed all cute and ready to shop with Mom and Dad

Playtime with Daddy

Last Nights Balancing Act

This Weekend's Balancing Act

Riley and I played in her crib while Chris put together her booster seat.
She is starting to balance herself alot better!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Riley Turned 7 Months Old

Dear Riley,
You turned 7 months old less than a week ago. My goal is to write you a letter every month at least till your first birthday. I found this website that can turn my blog into a little keepsake book, so I can show you all these pictires and letters when you get a little older. Now, this one is a little late because mom had some dental work done and quite a bit going on, but better late than never right? You have grown so much, at your 6 moth checkup you were: 15 lbs and 26" long. Your head measured pretty big being in the 75th percentile. You have started getting around alot better now, still scooting, no crawling yet but you are definitely getting close. You tend to put your head down in te cart and have your butt in the air when trying to move forward. If you could only remember to keep your head up when trying to crawl it could be a little easier. I'm happy to say you have two teeth coming in on the bottom and when I have tried to feel them a couple of times you've actually bitten down. When I told your Grandma Karen about your teeth she told me to tell you to bute your daddy on the

You started eating ALOT more than you use to so I'm thinking your about to go through a growth spirt. You moved into crawler foods now and you absolutely love anything with Pears (pears and pineapple and pear cinnammon with oatmeal). We have tried mashed potatoes a few times but you hadn't seem to take too well to them yet. You also love sweet potatoes and corn, carrots, and peas. You're eating two large containers in one sitting along with drinking some juice or a bottle. This weekend Daddy and I went shopping for you a sippy cup and when I tried giving it to you for the first time you couldn't stand it, but I'm going to keep giving it to you because one day you're just going to pick it up on your own, I just know it!

The most fun we seemed to have this month was when you and I jumped in the bed. You had the most fun and laughed sooo hard. I'm so happy you're a happy baby. I did get nervous in one part of the month when I sat you in your crib while I fixed you a bottle and I'm assuming you tried to pull yourself up by hanging on to your bumper when suddenly I heard this loud noise and it appeared you bumped your head in your crib. I was a little freaked while you cried, but I'm proud to say you probably cried for about only 2 mins, then you were happy again.

It's amazing watching your grow everyday and become your own little person, you're even sleeping in your crib at night. I know that it was me that was having the issues because you sleep just fine in there. I know you like it better than your bassinet because now you can stretch out so much more.

We're proud of you Riley bug, you amaze your Daddy and I everyday!

"A Successful Mess"

This past weekend Chris, Riley and I got to spend alot of family time together. We made a trip to Babies R Us and got Riley a booster seat to start having her meals and snacks in. If you all remember from previous pictures she was always eating in her bumbo seat.

I have to say Riley's first meal in her booster seat was a successful mess!

Riley's Taking Over

I tend to wake up early to do homework on the weekends, but sometimes Riley catches me in the act and when that happens..she loves playing with the photo booth app on my computer.
I thought I would share the results:

We're thinking she is going to pretty tech savvy, she already loves banging on the computer keys and skyping with her Uncle JR and Grandpa Ted...

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Snack Time"

Here are photos of Riley's first "snack time". I've been pretty nervous about giving Riley crunchy or large pieces of food. I feel kind of nervous about her choking on stuff so I decided it was time to give in since she is in that "crawler stage" (not crawling but moving tons and trying to make attempts) it was okay to let her try the Gerber snacks that melt.

I have to admit I tried them out first to see how fast they melted once entered into the mouth and to be honest I wasn't to happy with how well they did, so I decided to break the snacks in half the first few times to see how she reacted to them. At first she would make a face once I placed one in her mouth, but then smiled and grunted in excitement once she realized it was actually good.

So far her snacks are :

By the end of snack time I was comfortable placing a whole graduate puff in her mouth, but not the yogurt melts. I still think they are a little too big for her to eat all at once.

NEWS: I think Riley is really close to getting a tooth at the bottom. When I feel her gums I can feel it coming through. Maybe when it comes through it may ease my concerns of giving her the entire yogurt melt at once...

She did a great job eating them as I placed them in her mouth, but didn't really like putting them in her mouth herself. Im guessing those skills will come in time. She tried once to place one of the gerber puffs in her mouth but eventually gave up and started knocking them in the floor. She loved playing with the container too!!!