Riley's 9 Month Photo Shoot

Here are the photos from Riley's 9 Month photo shoot. I need all my close family and friends to click comment below and let me know which picture(s) you want. Also please specify what size you want.
We could print 8x10s, 5x7s, 4x6s, and wallets.

The photos won't be printed with the watermark, I just have to post them that way per the photographer.














  1. James was VERY decisive and said #12 lol!

  2. I would love to have No. 1 and 10. I couldn't make up my mind. So if you wouldn't mind. I would like those 2. Of course. I wouldn't having each, but I won't be greedy.

    I can see life being full for you and Chris right now. This young lady is full of life. Thank God.

  3. I would like 5,9,10,&12 any of those will be fine. I love them all. It is really hard to make up my mind. I hope this gets to you this time.